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    Merchants continued. The company is working with overseas Chinese businessmen to discuss outstanding, they jointly developed health care, health and nutrition, food business cooperation.

    Follow-up commission processing. As the business and the market continues to expand, some listed products continued production and production of new products and other commercial negotiations are being carried out in full swing.

    Conservation Law Company and Beijing Cancer Hospital began last year are in-depth cooperation, fruitful implementation in the near future will also conduct a series of promotional activities. History has to make people's lives into the information age, the use of net sales online shopping platform, will be a major highlight of the company's future business development.


Yexiao Zhong, general manager of China invited to participate in the Women's Health Care Special Fund "two cancer" patients

Rescue operations and the China women's reproductive health project launching ceremony


The current Politburo Standing Committee(Former party secretary of Guangdong Province)Mr. Zhang Dejiang


Yexiao Zhong, general manager shook hands with


Former Director of the State Administration of Traditional Shen Zhixiang and Yexiao Zhong, general manager


In the World Federation of Acupuncture Society photo


President of the Medical Association of Macao and Yexiao Zhong, general manager of Mr. Gong root photo