Chuangyi Health Technology Co., Ltd

    "Talent" determine the success of business operations. As the saying goes: people in business, there is nothing; machine operation by a person, a human being with. German church built on the company talent strategy: find the right people, with the people, the system of tubes; utilized, the amount was administered; employers do not suspect, the suspect not.



Pay attention to the overall quality of

    Employees of corporate culture have a high degree of identity, college, undergraduate education accounted for the workforce100%



And focus on practical effectiveness

    Companies use of personnel: on-demand Shegang to post allocation, compiled by capacity, depending on the member of scaling.



Rely on a team of experts

    Experts company has a strong team of experts, the state subsidy for People, including well-known medical experts, senior pharmaceutical engineer. They are huge social wealth, is the company's business goals, to complete the historical mission of the fundamental guarantee.