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   The term "health" first appeared in the "Yellow Emperor": "Therefore, health wise also, and will shun seasons suitable summer and winter, and the joy, anger and housing at the festival yin and yang tune Goju case is not to ward off evils. A long life. " Traditional Chinese health culture to ancient rustic oriental wisdom elaborate health regimen, but a long history and profound. The company will gradually set currently recorded and analyzed thousands of years of heritage and health knowledge to share.


    Inheritance of health science, we must correct understanding of health and science. "Five internal organs health", "health Manner", "diet regimen," "illness diet regimen," "Living Health", "seasonal health", "husband and wife health", "health sports" such as the eight health must recognize . The following first get to know "the five internal organs health", "seasonal health", "diet regimen" and "after the illness diet regimen."


1. Five internal organs health:

    Five internal organs plays a very important role in human life, we should pay particular attention to the conservation of the five internal organs.

    Five internal organs in health also has an extremely important position. Five internal organs is the material basis of human physiology, psychology and other life activities. It interacts with the five internal organs six internal organs, interlinked. Ancient Chinese medicine: The main physiological function of internal organs and biochemical storage fine, gas, blood, body fluid and God. Since the fine, gas, God is the fundamental activities of human life, the good conservation of the five internal organs play an important role in human life.


    Whether physical health, diet regimen, health or seasons, which ultimately falls on the specific methods for the conservation of the five internal organs.


2. Seasonal Health:


    Adjust diet, rest according to seasonal changes, so as to achieve the purpose of physical conditioning. Man and coherent world. People living in nature, and nature is closely related to the survival of mankind depends on the conditions provided by nature, there is a unity of opposites relationship between the human body and the external environment. Thus, seasonal regimen should be followed in accord with nature, and adaptation to climate change in the law, should pay attention to maintenance yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin Ye should pay attention to maintenance in order to play the role of good health.


3. Diet regimen:


    Diet is human existence and maintenance of a healthy basic conditions. "Food", people's daily life is inseparable from daily meals. How reasonable allocation of food to make it more beneficial to human health, to achieve the purpose of health tonic, which is very important!


    It is known that diet can nourish life, but do not know how to reconcile loss diet, but also damage to life. So we can observe, as appropriate condition nursed back to health, so diet can fit the body, which is the key to prevention of disease. And eating light, Chiang Kai-shek to reconcile is the most crucial part of the diet.


4. After the illness diet regimen:

    Appropriate diet will help with conditioning disease. When people recovering from illness and disease, the body is relatively weak, such as to give appropriate diet nursed back to health, can improve the body's functional state, to adjuvant therapy, as well as the effect of making the body a speedy recovery. Various diseases bogey that should be followed, it will not cause illness lingering diseases.