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      Food not only nutritious, but also illnesses and Therapy. Namely the use of diet food to influence various aspects of body functions, so that the body get healthy or disease prevention Therapy. Saying that is eating to our body maintenance. 


Taxus Codonopsis Astragalus lean meat soup

Ingredients: Taxus 10g, white-backed blade root 100 g, lean meat 100 g, Astragalus 30 g, Codonopsis 30 g, white peony root 15 g, dried tangerine peel 1, Portulaca grandiflora 30 g.

Method: Wash the above material is placed in a pot, put 1000ml of water, high heat to boil, simmer gently for 1-2 hours, put a little seasoning salt, twice Beverage.

Efficacy: detoxification, Bu Zhong Yi Qi. It applies to the liver, esophagus, stomach, intestine, pancreas, gall bladder and other cancers.


Cordyceps stewed chicken or duck soup

Ingredients: Cordyceps 15 g, chicken or duck, spring onion, ginger, oil, salt and the right amount.

Method: Wash the chicken or duck to the hair, gutted, washed Cordyceps, Cordyceps will, spring onion, ginger, oil, salt and the right amount of chicken or duck into the abdominal, ranch cooked.

Efficacy: once a week, and even served a few weeks, nourishing fitness, kidney tonic.


Purple Ganoderma Astragalus meat soup

Ingredients: purple fungus 30g, lean 100g, Astragalus 30 g, Salt to taste.

Method: purple glossy ganoderma, Astragalus fry for 1 hour to slag Jian Fei put the meat for 5 minutes, add salt to.

Efficacy: Bugan kidney, spleen sedative, tonic cancer.


Ginseng chicken soup dates lily field

Ingredients: frog only 2-3, ginseng 10g, lily 20 g, jujube 10 g (enucleated).

Method: Peel the frog, gutted, washed, plus ginseng, lily, red dates together into the pot, add 1000ml of water, high heat to boil, then simmer for 1-2 hours, seasoning.

Effects: increased body resistance, replenishing Insufficiency, nourishing fluid.