Chuangyi Health Technology Co., Ltd
Product Develop

    Adhere to the principle of historical, foreign, integrative medicine, the perseverance arrangements and implement R & D projects.



1, set up a team of experts, lay the research foundation.


    The key is to create conditions for development, for the development of the first to set up a good team of experts. The company owns a number of senior R & D team and technical personnel, including more than a state special allowance of experts, they are, Chinese and Western medical research, pharmaceutical research and development in areas such as Western high art, some domestic and foreign counterparts also prestigious.


2、Research and development of ancient Chinese medicine, Chinese cultural heritage


    Companies take advantage of their own team of experts to study analyzed a large number of ancient palace of Queen herbs will gradually push the market and serve the community. 






3、Reliance on technology production, research and development resides in practice

    Research and development work, the company has been the practice of respect for science and technology, attention to clinical practice, so that products developed in practice, come back to practice (clinical) in testing. To this end, the company attaches great importance to Beijing Conservation Law Hospital, a hospital in Dongguan Kang, Macau and more clinics adopt different forms of cooperation to promote the drug, doctors met to obtain feedback information in a timely manner, improve product quality.



4、Increase R & D investment to accelerate the research market

        The company is developing a "sacred fruit nectar" brand products are: the treatment of cataract, double vision, floaters eye disease drug; gentle "three highs" (high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high uric acid) in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular vascular diseases Yikang medicine; treatment of hepatitis B patients unhealed long health healthy liver medicine; sub-health patients developed specifically for health care products and the like. In the drug development "rigorous, scientific, Ningquewulan" the consistent aim, a mature, developed a.